Silvano Bavia, White Roses, 2017 [Detail]

Silvano Bavia, White Roses, 2017 [Detail]


Italian artist Silvano Bavia was born in the South of Italy, Lecce and now lives and works in Florence. Having resided in London for many years, Bavia’s mixed cultural heritage and international background is reflected in his practice. His work is rooted in the fusion of the ancient tradition of papier-mâché – a practice originating from Salento in Puglia – with the spirit of western modern aesthetic. Used for centuries in the production of religious statues, papier-mâché remains one of the oldest examples of recycling practices. Bavia takes the humble material and transforms it into emotional and alchemical 3D installations.

His work engages the viewers’ visual and tactile perceptions, making them wonder about the palpable aspects of the delicate floral forms. Hand-made individually from recycled newspaper, each rose embodies vibrant and contrasting elements of texture, colour and light, creating a dialogue between renewal and tradition, canon and conceptualism.

The rose is chosen for its inner alchemical meaning: the representation of birth, purity and beauty of the universe. By mashing up poor and recycled materials, Bavia transforms the dreadful events exhibited in the paper into the magnificence of hundreds of roses.



Press Releases

STACCIOLI | BAVIA | CAPLIN - Paolo Staccioli, Silvano Bavia and Steve Caplin

24 March – 5 May 2017


Exhibition History Highlights

2018 - Nozze di Cana, Cana, Italy

2017Staccioli | Bavia | Caplin, No 20 Arts, London, United Kingdom

2018 - ROSES, Officina Profumo- Farmacéutica, Firenze, Italy

2017 - ROSES, Villino Panichi, Grosseto, Italy

2017  - ROSES, Cana, Italy

2017 - Punti di Vista, Scansano, Italy

2017 -  Fiera della Ceramica, Montelupo Fiorentino,Italy




Staccioli | Bavia | Caplin

Exhibition catalogue
20 pages - Fully illustrated in colour,
5.8 x 8.3 inches (14.8 x 21 cm)

Click here to download a pdf version of the catalogue, or please contact the gallery at to enquire about a paper copy.

Silvano Bavia, Blue Roses, 2017 [Detail]

Silvano Bavia, Blue Roses, 2017 [Detail]