Mollino | Galliano | Castelli

15 - 24 January


“Mollino | Galliano | Castelli” is the inaugural show of No 20, the newest exciting art space opening in Islington. Located in one of the most thriving areas of London, No 20 is the result of a major refurbishment by collector Micky Johnson of a former 3000 sq ft frame factory set to become one of the main destinations for contemporary arts in North London.

For its opening show, No 20 invited Ncontemporary gallery to curate an exhibition featuring works by Carlo Mollino, Daniele Galliano and Guglielmo Castelli, three artists active in Turin, Italy, during the span of three generations, united by their common interest in depicting with their very personal techniques the human condition in the contemporary world.

Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic
— Carlo Mollino