No 20 at Galeria Carles Taché

12 June 2018


No 20 is delighted to announce the opening of two exhibitions in Barcelona as part of the ongoing collaboration with Galeria Carles Taché.

After the successful exhibition exchange last year – ‘Galeria Carles Taché at No 20’ was showed in London and ‘Ceremony’ in Barcelona, this summer No 20 will present the work of Shaun Fraser, Phil Griffin, Polly Johnston, Max Maxwell, Harry Morgan and Keith Roberts at Galeria Carles Taché.

The Blue Space will host a group show featuring pieces by Shaun Fraser, Polly Johnston, Max Maxwell, Harry Morgan and Keith Roberts. The works on display are the results of each of these artists’ individual journeys of exploration of their preferred medium. Playfulness and naivety, determination and commitment go hand in hand in all the works shown, where materials including emulsion and acrylic paints, glass, soil, metal, and concrete are carefully scrutinised and subsequently celebrated.

The work of Phil Griffin will also be on view at the White and Black Spaces, including pieces from the series ‘Surrender’, ‘Knights of Light’ and ‘Requiem’ all of which offer an insight into the 24-hour performance of Jan Fabre’s majestic ‘Mount Olympus: To Glorify the Cult of Tragedy’.

The exhibitions will open on 12th July at Galeria Carles Taché.

More information to follow!